• Experience Cuba: the MetaMovements Way!
    Unique Opportunities to Experience Cuba! MetaMovements Cultural Connections Travel programs are designed for dance, music and culture lovers of all ages and abilities, and provide a variety of authentic encounters (that fulfill current US regulations & guidelines) with Cubans who share the same passion for dance, music, arts & culture. (Read More...)

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    Cubanizate Training/Performance Program   |  Club Caribe Salsa Classes  |  Fusion Performance Program

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    Contact us at or 617-286-6382 for more information.

    Cuban Style Training & Performance program
    Tuesdays 7-9pm Spontaneous Celebrations (45 Danforth St. Jamaica Plain, MA)

    Cubanizate! is a one-ofa-kidn program in which dancers from Cuba & the US train simultaneously - opening the doors for cultural exchange and community-building across borders in a way that's never happened before. Experience this program in which students and isntructors in both countries share their knowledge  culture, providing exceptional learning opportunities for all involved. This training & performance program will explore several styles of traditional and popular dances born in Cuba, inlcuding Rumba, Son, Casino, Afro-Cuban and Rueda de Casino. Connect to the music, your partner and the history in a whole new way! Give us two months and you will see and feel the difference with that special Cuban energy will be flowing through you!

    Program Descriptions:

    1) Training Group: Tuesdays, 7-9 pm
    Finally get that Cuban flavor you've been looking for by training in popular and traditional Cuban dance. With this you can learn the secrets of Afro-Cuban movements and techniques and add some SABOR to your movement! Available for both beginners and intermediate/advanced dancers

    2) Performance Training Group: Tuesdays 7-9pm & Sundays 12:30-3:30pm
    Includes all the benefits of the training program PLUS opportunities to showcase your hard work and newly acquired flavor along with our Performance Team in Boston, Cuba, and beyond. In addition, you will also have access to exclusive intensive boot camps & rehearsals, as well as online video training. For casino and salsa dancers, advanced beginner and above, by instructor acceptance.

    3) Cuba-U.S. Performance Team (variable schedule & variable cost): 
    Join an elite team of dancers from Cuba, the U.S. and beyond, who are building relationships across the borders! We are looking for experienced dancers who love the Cuban flavor and want to help us share it with audiences near and far. Contact us for an assessment today. The schedule for this program is flexible, as much of it is through video learning and a few bootcamps. After your assessment, program coordinators will work with you to set up a schedule.

    --> Cubanizate Training Group: $125 
    (Cost includes Tuesday nights, and access to our group archive, as well as other group opportunities)
    --> Cubanizate Performance Training Group: $195 
    (Cost includes all Training Group benefits, plus Sunday rehearsals & bootcamps, access to video training, and a group T-shirt)
    --> Cuba-U.S. Performance Team: Price and schedule varies, depending on your current level, and your training needs. Options will be discussed as part of your assessment.

    Club Caribe Salsa Classes
    Thursdays TBApm
    | TBD

    After many years of  memorable Thursday nights, Club Caribe will be closing its doors - with its last nightly social being October 29,2015.
    BUT, we are excited to announce that we are to start a salsa class program on Thursdays soon after! This will include salsa instruction by MetaMovements instructors followed by a one-hour social. 
    We have a good amount of dancers interested and would love to have you join us! Reach out to us for more details or call us at 1-888-286-META (6382).




    Fusion Performance Group
    Wednesday Evenings
    | Cambridge (contact us for location)

    Are you interested in mixing Latin Dance with contemporary & hip hop? In our dance company, fusion choreographies are taught; we will always try to feature what YOU do best. You may even have a chance to travel with us! Places we have traveled to include Atlanta, New York City, and Chicago. We are especially looking for male dancers, but all are welcome to audition (email us at to request an audition). The monthly fee for this program is only $30; so, join us to get your chance to show off your best dancing skills!


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    We can offer dance programs of all kinds...

    Latin Dances

    Cuban Dances

    Fusion Dances

    Salsa on1 
    (LA Style)
    Salsa on2 
    (NY Style)

    Cuban Contemporary
    (Orishas, Rumba, & more)

    Hip Hop 
    (urban & more)
    (Graham & more)
    ADD YOUR STYLE to the Perf. Group!

    For further inquiry, email or call 617-286-6382.


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